Welcome to the Game.

This game will be set in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, located (for right now) around a town called Three Bridges, which takes the place of Yartar in the northwest corner, between Neverwinter Wood and The High Forest.

Relevant for right now:

Character Creation
You will be starting at level 1. We are using a variant of the rules with point-buy 31, not 27 (4d6 drop the lowest results in a average point-buy-equivalent of 30.75)

  • Your lowest score can be below 8 for a return of 1 point (min of 5)
  • The maximum ability score allowable before racial modifiers is 18
  • a 16 costs three more points than a 15, totalling 12 points; 17 costs another 3, for 15 total; an 18 costs 4 more for a total of 19
  • Humans choosing to get a feat may choose to add one point to three different ability scores rather than two

A sample of scores : (16 14 14 10 10 9) (18 12 10 10 10 9) (16 16 12 11 8 8)

Here’s a point-buy calculator (unfortunately sill capped at 15) :http://1-dot-encounter-planner.appspot.com/point-buy-calculator.html

Keep in mind

You are level 1 characters- a grade slightly above “random dude,” you don’t need any lengthy backstory. Much more important is an idea of how your character would react to a given situation. In terms of how your characters know each other “They met in an inn last night.” Three Bridges has had a lot of trouble with bandits and other miscreants recently- to the point where the de facto rulers have requested aid from mercenary companies and wandering “adventurers”- and traveling together is safer than traveling alone. That said, your character should have a reason to be going to Three Bridges- some sort of quest, wanderlust, searching for a raison d’etre in the form of killing bandits, or just goin home.

Here is Nifty link for Character Backgrounds. If you can answer most of the questions, it would be ideal. The segment is really to get familiarity with the rules and system, so a fully-fleshed out character is as important as a base personality. Also, keep in mind you’re level one and so questions like “whats the most danger you’ve ever been in?” are probably going to be relevant.

So, yeah, there’s only three of you…

A well balanced party is composed of a fightery-type (paladin, melee ranger, fighter, or barbarian), a healer type (cleric, druid, and bard), a spell-caster (sorcerer, wizard, warlock, or bard), and a sneaky type (rogue, ranger(dexterity based), and bard again).
If one of you would be willing to play two characters, that would be okay, but in the event that the group is lacking a type, one will be provided in the form of an NPC.

For people who want to play spell-casters, http://ephe.github.io/grimoire/ is a fully searchable list of spell description, sortable by class and level.

Three Bridges

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