Sae'id al'Haezz

Former Sailor, Definitely Not A Corsair


Sae’id has a bubbling personality that enchants or aggravates everyone he comes in contact with, in roughly equal proportion. He is glib with a lie and quick to make body contact with strangers – because everyone is a stranger until you get to know them.

He has a false leg, nose and three fingers, all of which trigger a distinct twenty minute yarn upon inquiry. He wears flashy jewelry from his native Zakhara and sports a full sleeve on his right arm.

His laugh, which erupts frequently in almost any social setting, could best be described as a “bray”. His accent is fairly thick and he is immensely interested in learning local idioms.


Once a humble sailor aboard a spice ship, he is the lone survivor of the wreck of the Ahlabut. He washed upon a foreign shore and has been wandering low these past 10 months. He heard rumor of work in Three Bridges, and after finishing up his last job as an escort to a merchant, he wandered north.

Sae'id al'Haezz

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